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Richard Funchess

Music Business

Richard Funchess PictureOriginally from Beaumont, Texas, Richard Funchess is a current student at the University of Georgia in Athens and is anticipated to graduate with his Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) in Finance and Music Business in 2020. While originally uncertain of what major and career path he wished to pursue, after enrolling in a music business course during his sophomore year of college, Richard discovered his deep-rooted passion for music business and began majoring in it. As a junior, he now looks forward to garnering as much information on the industry in preparation for becoming a capable and successful music business professional once he graduates. Since the music business is constantly evolving, Richard prides himself on staying up-to-date and educated on industry trends.

Richard seeks to track this area of interest as he continues to pursue his education. While his undergraduate education has provided him a fundamental background in the industry, Richard Funchess remains an enthusiastic and curious learner, seeking to gather as much information about the industry as he can before he graduates. As he pursues his degree, he aspires to equip himself with the knowledge and tools necessary to accurately navigate and identify lucrative deals, which will allow him to better position himself among other established and emerging music business professionals. In addition to ensuring he remains invested in his formal education, Richard also acknowledges that becoming well-acquainted with an industry is an ongoing process that requires initiative and tenacity.

As a result, Richard seeks to build a practical and sustainable foundation in his classes that will enable him to become an active learner. This sense of agency is something Richard believes will help him establish himself as a dedicated and capable music business professional and remain well-versed in his career. Just as Richard Funchess is interested in music business, he is also enthusiastic about finance. This passion developed at a young age, and Richard attributes its development to his father’s work as a financial manager. Growing up, Richard’s father exposed Richard to finance and taught him how the market works; as finance played an integral role in his life for the majority of his time spent at home, when Richard had the opportunity to take a finance class in college, he enrolled enthusiastically. While Richard acknowledges that individuals can have a variety of interests, he admits he considers himself lucky that his interests intersect and play off one another as well as they do.

His study of finance has proven to supplement his real estate studies, and he looks forward to garnering information in both industries that will contribute to his professional growth. As a student of finance, Richard is particularly fascinated by the multitude of factors that influence the global market. Interested in keeping up with current events, Richard is eager to determine whether President Trump’s desire to move toward a purer form of capitalism will truly benefit the economy as predicted or desired. In order to remain informed and knowledgeable, Richard has become an avid reader of current real estate and finance trends through channels such as CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and Market Watch. He aspires to meld his two passions of real estate and finance to become a skillful real estate professional who is able to make sound, informed investments. Richard Funchess is also passionate about teaching fellow college students about finance. Millions of students begin their foray into higher education every year without a full understanding of the amount of money college will cost them for years to come.

Richard acknowledges that personal finance can seem daunting as a student and that many new undergraduates do not have the passion or education in the subject to understand how to set themselves up for financial success. For that reason, Richard is constantly seeking and creating engaging content to help young adults get a handle on their student debt and create sound financial plans. Using his education in finance, coupled with his own financial experiences, Richard is able to help other young people find financial independence. In addition to his school work and personal research, Richard Funchess has also learned the importance of philanthropic spirit and giving back to his communities. Richard’s search to become involved on campus and to also grow as an active community member led him to become a member of Kappa Alpha Order, a fraternity that champions chivalry and respect, development of character, lifelong learning, and personal and communal excellence. He and his brothers seek to foster a supportive and engaging environment on campus where they can work toward personal and professional development and take advantage of the academic and professional resources afforded to them by their college enrollment and experiences.

As a member of Kappa Alpha Order, Richard frequently volunteers with UGA HEROs, a Georgia-based organization that works with children who live with HIV/AIDS. Richard looks forward to seeking and participating in other philanthropic efforts in addition to his volunteer work with his fraternity. When he isn’t in class or participating philanthropically, Richard Funchess also works part-time as a barback at Pauley’s Original Crepe Bar. Though he admits his schedule can often become quite hectic, juggling his many responsibilities has since taught him time management skills and how to multitask effectively and efficiently. Despite his many obligations, Richard ensures that his assignments and responsibilities are polished and still completed in accordance with deadlines. He is confident the soft skills he has garnered throughout his time at college will translate to his professional career upon graduation. Richard Funchess’s favorite hobby outside of his academic work is following sports, particularly baseball. Having grown up in Beaumont, Texas, Richard has become an avid follower of the Houston Astros.

While Richard has been a fan of the team during difficult seasons, the team’s dedication and hard work cumulated to win them the 2017 World Series. Richard was fortunate enough to attend the third game of the series and watch his team win in person, which he notes as one of the most memorable experiences he’s had while following the Astros. Similarly to his passion for finance and real estate, Richard keeps himself educated in the world of baseball. As a former player, he has the skills to identify and understand successful players, games, and choices made within the MLB. Richard’s passion for baseball began at a young age and led him to play in high school. During that time, he played as a pitcher in TAPPS Division 1, where he learned the importance of teamwork and commitment. Playing baseball also helped Richard understand that innate talent and ability do not necessarily exist, rather, it’s hard work, preparation, and persistence that lead to success.

These skills have carried over into his education and career choices. Though he no longer has enough time to play baseball competitively, the lessons he’s learned from his time as a player in high school are ones he will take with him as he continues through life. He aspires to take the same worth ethic he’s displayed around the bases to his pursuit of his education and career. While he enjoys his time in an academic setting where his curiosities and questions can be fielded by knowledgeable professionals, Richard Funchess looks forward to graduating in 2020. He is excited to take what he’s learned during his time at University of Georgia and apply his knowledge to real-world experiences.

Though uncertain of whether he intends to stay in Athens, Georgia, or return to his home state of Texas after graduation, Richard looks forward to working in the music business industry. Regardless of which location he will choose, Richard is certain his education, tenacity, and alacrity will enable him to become a successful music business professional.