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Richard Funchess

Real Estate

Richard Funchess is a current University of Georgia student set to graduate in 2020. During his second year in college, Richard enrolled in a real estate class and discovered his passion for the subject. For years real estate has been one of the most attractive assets for investors, and this trend seems like it will only continue in coming years. Richard looks forward to learning more about real estate as he continues his studies.

There are numerous trends in the real estate market that Richard Funchess is fascinated by. One trend, in particular, is the continued easing of lending requirements. Whether or not this trend will lead to another housing bubble like the one the United States experienced in 2007-2009 is yet to be seen. However, Richard is curious to see where the trend leads. When it comes to learning more about the industry, Richard aspires to learn how to identify lucrative deals—an important trait that real estate professionals must possess. Furthermore, Richard looks forward to learning more about interpreting all of the real estate indexes and reports that are published throughout the year.

Although Richard Funchess’ passion for real estate began in college, his interest in finance began much earlier. His father works as a financial manager, so Richard has been curious about the stock market and related topics from an early age. Over the years Richard has learned how relatively small events can significantly impact various areas of global markets. As a result, he has always enjoyed learning as much as he can about finance. Just as Richard hopes to become a more skilled real estate professional, his goal is to learn how to make sound investments and grow wealth throughout his life. For both real estate and financial news, Richard regularly follows CNBC, Wall Street Journal, and Market Watch.

In addition to his schoolwork, Richard Funchess is involved in Kappa Alpha Order and UGA HEROs, a Georgia organization that assists children who impacted by HIV/AIDS. Richard’s volunteer work has taught him how important it is to give back to the community and especially those who are less fortunate. Richard also works 20-30 hours a week as a barback at Pauley’s Original Crepe Bar. Juggling class, work, and extracurricular activities have taught Richard how to properly manage his time—a skill that Richard feels will serve him well once he graduates and begins his career in real estate.