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A lot of hopeful real estate agents get very stressed when preparing for the exam that grants them their license. The truth is, with careful preparation and studying, anyone can pass the exam. The true challenge is being successful as an agent after passing the exam. Below are three ways emerging real estate agents can prepare themselves to be successful.

1) Have a Second Source of Income When First Starting

Real estate agents only get paid via commission when they sell a home. A brand new real estate agent should have a second source of income, or at least six months worth of savings.

Whether being a real estate agent is someone’s ultimate plan or a new business venture, bills still need to get paid in the process. Unless a new agent has a hot lead from the start, it’s best to have money secured in advance.

2) Mentorship or Training

Getting a license to sell real estate does not guarantee success. New real estate agents who get mentors who are successful agents will be able to learn insider tips to be the best agent they can be.

A lot of people think being successful in real estate is all about being a good salesman. But the savvy real estate agent is also well-versed in liens, deeds, title insurance, and other industry jargon. A mentorship or training program can give a new real estate agent experience with these things.

3) Make Good Use of Technology

The internet is the most powerful marketing tool available, and this holds true in the real estate industry. Some veterans may be able to maintain success with referrals and past business, but the new real estate agent needs to make themselves known by using internet marketing tools.

To get started, the new real estate agent should be sure to at least have a website and social media presence. To take it a step further, they could begin to implement ads on Facebook or Google to drive home-buyers to their website.

Real estate has always been known as a fun and exciting way to make money. However, it’s not easy and requires more than getting licensed to be successful. By following the three tips in this article, a new real estate agent can put the odds of success in their favor.