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Go ahead and ask absolutely anyone what characteristics make someone successful? You’ll hear the same typical answers:  time management, communication skills, leadership skills, luck, persistence, etc. While these more common skills do play a factor in a person’s success, the characteristics listed below focus more on the talents that successful inventors cultivate over time.

Here are four hidden characteristics of successful investors.

Lovers of Learning- Bill Gates says he tries to read a new book each week, or in other terms, he likes to read 56 books a year. Some people say that Warren Buffett used to read up to 1,000 pages a day when beginning his investment career. These two men know that the knowledge they possess is their greatest strength. They know that staying up to date on new information was crucial to staying ahead of their rivals. The success that these two men alone have achieved is enough to back up this point.

Hopefully Unhopeful- I know this is going to sound cliche, but all successful people continually hope for the best but expect the worst. They are optimistic about their plans and visions, yet realistic and aware of results and outcomes. Successful investors look at all possible issues and prepare for the good and bad situations. They know that everything is possible, so they do their best to be ready for anything.

Limitation Awareness- Staying aware of your limitations, needs, and priorities is a characteristic that successful investors all share. They know when they are being stretched too thin and know how to say no. They prioritize their needs and wants, and dive into issues well-informed on their faults and the facts. Don’t assume that when starting out you must work ridiculous hours and do everything that asked of you. Everyone needs a little relaxation and introspection. Successful investors know their brain works best once it has time to recharge.

Critical Thinkers- This characteristic is key to creating and maintaining a business true to yourself. Successful people are aware that permission is a childhood hoax. Take a look at what is expected of you and how it is expected to be done. Then decide how you want to do it. Avoid rulebook and guidelines. Find the best way for you to do what you want. You might find a better method to your daily tasks; however, you will find your authenticity.