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These days, band merch is one of your best forms of revenue – not to mention easy advertising for you. However, it can seem kind of overwhelming, at first, to figure out how to successfully sell your merchandise. Below are several tips from the pros on how to be successful in selling your own merch at a live show.

Have Unique Merchandise Available

Whether you take unique to mean exclusive, show only merchandise, or unique as in “different” – for instance, having socks with the bands face on it, or something equally ridiculous – either way, it works. Having merchandise that is in and of itself different will attract people to your table.

Take Credit

In a highly mobile age, people usually don’t carry cash around with them unless they were planning on buying merch. And while sure, those people are great – it is going to be a small subsection of the individuals you are trying to sell to. Therefore, if you take cards, individuals who saw something they liked will be able to purchase your merch, even if they don’t have cash. It definitely increases your overall sales

Put Your Table Somewhere Obvious

If people have to hunt for the merch table, they may decide against buying something. Make sure your table is somewhere obvious – near an entrance or a bathroom – so that people see it when they are on their way in or between sets. Being able to see where your table is without it being in the way of the show will also make people feel like you aren’t being too pushy, so it’s a win-win.

Offer To Sign Things

People want things that are signed – it is just a fact of life. So, offer to sign things after the show. Or, a popular trend lately, offers a free signed poster with any purchase. Individuals will purchase merch simply for the signature, which pays off for you.


There you have it – some of the tips from the best in the industry to successfully sell your merch. Let us know below if you have other ideas!