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When it comes to job preparation, bachelors and even some masters degrees don’t cut it on their own. For many professions, internship experience has become the proper foot-in-the-door for employees who want to be seriously considered by employers. As of late, the real estate industry has required students and prospective employees to seek out internship experience to give them an edge against job competitors and set them on the path to land their desired job within the industry.

How Do You Line Up a Real Estate Internship?

In the undergraduate or graduate environment, colleges or universities might have programs in place to help students land an internship prior to graduation. If your college or university has a career center or electronic system to funnel internship opportunities, take advantage of those resources. Additionally, professors can serve as valuable resources when it comes to networking or providing information on any company’s internship openings.

If your college or university doesn’t have resources available, the next step is to do your research. Research target firms that you’d like to work with and see if they offer any information on their websites regarding internship opportunities. If there isn’t any information readily available, you might have to cold call or email people at that company to determine if they typically provide internships, if they foresee any openings, or if they would consider opening an internship position up for you. While this process may prove arduous, it’s best to knock on doors than wait for them to open.

What Does a Real Estate Internship Look Like?

Typically, real estate internships last about ten weeks and are usually performed during the summer months between academic semesters. Much of the internship consists of learning and research: becoming acquainted with the firm’s culture, refreshing market news knowledge, remaining up-to-date with regional firms and their moves and investments, and researching competitive properties. Interns might also have the opportunity to visit existing properties, evaluate new acquisitions, or manage leasing processes to gain practical experience.

Tips for Excelling at a Real Estate Internship
Become Knowledgeable

Whether it’s by researching relevant market trends, studying up on regional firms and their moves, or evaluating your firm’s competitive properties and portfolios, it’s crucial to remain up-to-date with market and company trends. This knowledge not only furthers your understanding of your industry, it also enables you to become a valuable intern for your firm.

Maximize Your Involvement

When it comes to executing assignments, make sure you’re taking the time to deliver your finished product with as much accuracy and efficiency as you’re able to. If you’re handling your workload well, or find you don’t have enough assignments to keep you busy throughout the day, ask your supervisors if they can assign you more work or projects. This not only allows you to hone your skills in your industry by being productive, it also shows your employer that you’re dedicated and self-motivated.


Just as with any industry, success in real estate hinges on connections. In addition to networking within your firm, don’t hesitate to reach out to other players in the industry. The more relationships you forge, the better your chances are of landing a job.

When exploring internships, it’s important to focus on the experience you’ll receive, as well as the connections you’ll make. Internships are the first step into paving your way into the real estate industry.