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There is nothing more rewarding than getting the chance to follow your dreams and passions. You spend your life making various sacrifices, training your mind and body to grow accustomed to hard work, and before you know it, you’ve made it big! But as awesome as that sounds, ever superstars fall behind on keeping themselves healthy and fully functioning, even when indulging in their profession.

Just like any other craft and/or profession, being a musician is hard work, especially if they’re are called to travel frequently. They stay up and travel stuck on a bus most of the day, doing their best to recharge themselves to perform every night. Such things can be stressful and taxing on the body, both mentally and physically. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep the body healthy, even while touring.

The first tip to staying healthy and energized on tours is to take care of your immune system! This is highly recommended when traveling, as germs are very easily spread between passengers and fellow travelers. There are many ways to combat such germs, especially the ones that float around in the air. Often times, any remedies that are in vitamin C, such as orange or apple juice, are considered your most convenient options. Although, many brands of vitamin C tablets are sold in several stores at your convenience! Also, be sure to get plenty of rest, and drink LOTS of water, especially if you plan to do some partying or drinking!

Another useful tip would be to take advantage of your downtime to do something mentally stimulating and/or relaxing! Depending on where you are, and how long you’ll be there, take the time to find something close by that you can enjoy that won’t be too demanding of your energy. Whether it be simple breathing exercises or going somewhere to have a glass of wine, there are many ways to calm your mind and take a load off. Take the time to listen to and pay close attention to your body’s needs. It is said that if your mind is at ease, your body is bound to follow.

Regardless of your profession in the industry, please remember your personal health is key!