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Real estate is a tricky business. The same strategy that worked a decade ago is now defunct. The real estate development world changes year to year. Only the experts know where the real profit is. Most people would think that investing in large cities is the way to go; however, 2019 doesn’t appear to be heading that way. Below are the best real estate markets to invest in during 2019.

These locations all have a few things in common. For one, the local economy is outperforming the national economy. These cities are experiencing growth due to tourism, wise business decisions, and the local population. A good strategy is also to invest in locations that have relatively low rent prices.

Orlando, Florida
Orlando is a huge tourist attraction. There is plenty to see here, and that’s why the economy experiences a boom every Spring and Summer. Orlando experienced a nearly 5% job growth rate in 2018, and this figure is expected to rise in 2019 as well. The average cost of monthly rent in Orlando is $1,200. The real estate market in the entire state of Florida is ripe for the pickings. According to the Emerging Tends in Real Estate Report of 2019, Florida has fully recovered from the recent global financial crisis.

Fort Worth, Texas
Located just outside Dallas, Fort Worth is another location that may set 2019 on fire. Dallas itself has an excellent local economy, so it only makes sense that surrounding areas will flourish as well. The best bet here is to invest in rental properties. Migrants are heading to the Dallas area in droves, and these people will need a place to live. It’s impossible to go wrong by investing in Fort Worth, Texas.

Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina
North Carolina is another state that is seeing growth state-wide. Raleigh, in particular, is a good place to invest. It is home to several big corporations, like IBM, Cisco, and Wells Fargo. There are over 200 companies housed in Raleigh and surrounding areas. The biotech industry, in particular, is thriving in North Carolina. Workers moving to the area to start their career will need homes or rental properties. Investing in houses or rental apartments is a wise investment in North Carolina.